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Grit Coaching Podcast #9 Gavin Clearkin - Performance Nutrition

In this episode Logan and Monty sat down with Gavin Clearkin of Performance Nutrition. 

Gavin is a highly qaulified and highly experianced performance nutritionist who has worked with some of the most top performing athletes in the world, from a wide range of sports. 

In this interview we learn about Gavins journey and he gives us some great adivce for cyclists and athletes in general regardless of the sport they are competing in.

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Allan Aragon article link 

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Grit Podcast #8 Roman Van Uden: Life of a nomadic cyclist

In this weeks episode we listen to Roman Van Udens story of how he got into cycling and where it has taken him over the years. Roman is one of New Zealand's elite riders based in Auckland. He is a multiple Tour of Southland stage winner and has many other victories all over the World. He has raced everywhere from the USA to Europe and even Asia and the Middle East.
If you are interested in taking your cycling to a new level head over to and check out our coaching packages. At Grit we don't just write you a programme Logan also actively rides with those he coaches. We have a great community of supportive motivated riders. We also do a range of group training and skills sessions. leave us a message on the website.
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Grit Podcast #7 Andrius Ramonas: Lab Testing at AUT Millennium

This week Monty and I chat with Andrius Ramonas. Andrius is currently working towards his PHd specifically looking at Nutrient availability manipulation strategies to maximise endurance performance. But also helps run the physiology lab at the AUT Millennium Institute and ran Logan through some physiological testing. 

This was an interesting chat and Andrius's knowledge and experience is vast making him the perfect person to interview on the subject of performance testing.



Grit Coaching Podcast #6 Grit Rider Interview: Paul Coles

This week Monty and Logan spoke with Paul Coles a Grit rider coached by logan for the last 4 years. Pauls story is one of a steady and consistent build from begginer to competing in the World Age Group Championships in Perth last year. Paul qaulified and is currently training for Worlds again this year in France.

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Grit Coaching Podcast #5 Tim Clark: Behind The Camera

This week Logan and Monty sit down Tim Clark. Tim is well known in the New Zealand cycling community. He is the owner of Webscope a digital technology company, creator of the Webscope cycling team, and a serial vlogger on the channel T-Ballz Cycle Vlog.


Tim's Vlog: 


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Grit Coaching Podcast #4 Mike Pryde: Building a Bike Company

This week Logan and Monty sit down with Mike Pryde. Formally the divison manager at Neil Pryde Bikes, Mike is now about to launch his new bike brand Chapter 2. We chat to Mike about where his passion for cyclig started, his roll at Neil Pryde Bikes and how all this experiance has shaped his new bike brand Chapter 2.

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Grit Podcast #3 Jef and Colin Tour of Northland Special

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Grit Podcast #2 Interview with Carl Wells a.k.a Horn Blower

This week Monty and Logan chat to Carl Wells, one of Logans earlist coached athletes. We chat to Carl about everything from his day job as an Orchestra Musician to his next big goals on the bike.


Grit Coaching Podcast: #1 Interview with Logan Mort

This is the first Grit - Always Reaching Further Podacast. The Grit Podcast is hosted by Logan Mort owner and head coach at Grit and Monty Wawatai an ex multiple world indoor rowing champion and expert orator who Logan is currently coaching as Monty enters the world of road racing.

In this episode Monty interveiws Logan and they talk about what the aim of the podcast is and what plans are in store for future podcasts.